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Start an Appeal

Anyone can start an appeal as long as improving people through sport and physical activity is at its heart. For example this could be a community project keeping local facilities alive, or a young athlete trying to cover costs or a club raising money for more equipment. In all cases the process is the same, we start with an application form, backed up with references



Become a partner

We market our service through our partners for two reasons. Firstly they know who is in need and secondly they can broadcast the campaigns to a wider audience. At a regional level we work with County Sport Partnerships whilst nationally we work with national Governing Bodies of Sport. Our campaigners get the best chance of reaching the largest crowd possible through local and national reach.



Support an Appeal

You can support a campaign in four ways, by donating to or fundraising on behalf of a campaign. You can attend an event hosted by the campaigners, such as a concert or disco. Lastly you can buy campaign merchandise such as T shirts and other items through our shop . Because the donations come through us we can add Gift Aid to funds coming in turning £100 into £125 (where applicable).



Latest pages

  • Telford Chin Woo Fundraising 2017

    We have a coaching course in Sept for which we are trying to raise funds. Lead coaches courses are normally £2000, but we have a discount on this one at £1000 per person. Read more

  • Mini Track Team Roller Speed Championship 2018

    We need to raise £2500 to encourage schools to get behind Roller speed Skating for kids. Roller Speed Skating is a true athletic sport. Kids love it and teachers have not seen it and would not know how it could be delivered in school .. safely. Read more

  • Maidenhead Marlins starter block appeal

    The club needs to raise £2000 fro 2 new starting blocks so that the children and adult members can continue to improve their results Read more