I will be playing for England in Europe several times over the next couple of months and hope to be a member of the European Youth Squad in July 16. 

I am taking my GCSE's in May & June and intend to reduce my competition participation a little during this time. Autumn 2016 will be a good opportunity to ramp up my training again and look to achieve top 16 results in some European junior premium events (Under 18). I have been playing table tennis for 5 years and have to commit to training.  I usually train 4 nights every week - twice with my coach Greg Yarnall and twice with elite squads at Grantham and Nottingham.  This involves many miles travelling as well as tournaments most weekends.  After my exams, I really want to focus on playing more in Europe.  As I will still be full time at school, this will be mainly at weekends and during school holidays.