A dedicated and determined martial arts athlete with the ability and potential to increase her world ranking status and achieve her long term goal of being the best in the world. Currently seeks financial assistance to help fund attendance at international competitions, in order to consistently compete against athletes of the same calibre; in preparation for European and World Championships.

I am an elite martial arts athlete, having represented the England karate Federation Team from U21 through to senior level at World and European championships. I have achieved several titles over the years and ranked top 10 in the world. 

Many of the athletes I compete against are fully funded and therefore able to compete at the highest level consistently. Contrastingly, I have no financial help. As a result, in the past I have missed out on the opportunity to compete in as many of the international competitions as I need to, to prepare fully for the European and World Championships.

I have my world ranking from 2015 attending just two events of the ranked events. I think this alone proves that with some financial backing and the chance to attend more competitions amongst world class athletes, I can and will improve my ranking. 

I am not expecting the world - financially, but any support would have a huge impact on my athletic career. On average a competition costs around £500 to attend. This includes flights, hotel and entry. I am now looking towards the World Championships, which will be held in Austria in November 2016. Between now and then, there are a further 7 competitions I could potentially attend which would undoubtedly improve my experience and allow me to fully prepare for the world championships. This is not taking into account the weekly costs I have for training fees and travelling up and down the country in preparation for these major events.