COACH will provide a HUB for the local community, bringing people together from all walks of life.  It will provide a wide range of outdoor activities and be an educational base for local schools as well as a community facility. The facility will host the local canoeing, rowing, running, cycling, and orienteering clubs. COACH will provide a wide range of sporting opportunities for schools and community groups, but as it is situated adjacent to Longrun Meadow (65 acre Country Park) there will be a range of environmental activities for people to be involved in.  These volunteering opportunities could be learning land management skills such as hedge laying, developing wild flower meadows or coppicing willow or helping maintain a rich wildlife habitat, working alongside the Friends groups.

COACH will also be a base for a youth club, a scout group and the 2 park “Friends” groups.  The facility will have a community café.  COACH is a community driven project, supported by the surrounding schools, colleges and community groups that are looking to deliver activity, engagement and community. 

COACH can provide, through its activity and educational programs access to the key skills needed by the youth of Taunton in an ever increasingly competitive world- the discipline to be in the right place at the right time, to work and co-operate with others, to be considerate of the needs of others, to have a sense of self-worth built on their success at whatever level. We have piloted successful inclusion / disability project as well as a disaffected youth project. Both projects have raised their self-esteem, confidence and social skills.