Hello! My name is Edwin Cheng and I’m a 15 year old male dancer. During the past year I’ve won in the Northampton festival of dance for my contemporary/modern ballet solo and I wish to compete further with dance eventually getting to Sadler’s Wells next year. 

However my parents can no longer provide the money I need to fully participate in my next year’s dance training. Both of them are now experiencing health issues due to overworking their bodies just to keep on top of the payments that dancing has. This has put me in a very tricky situation as I love my family dearly and do not wish to see them harm themselves anymore, but equally I love to dance and seriously think I can make a future out of it.

With the money raised it will all go to classes and travel fees which comes to £3000 all together for next year. I know it’s a lot for an individual to be asking for but I am certain with the access to next year’s training it will definitely make a huge difference in my career. Any amount of donations will be hugely appreciated, thank you.