We are raising money to fund programmes which will tackle ‘Holiday Hunger’ in Hertfordshire for children who access free school meals during term time, but are at risk of going hungry during holidays. It will provide food and physical activity sessions for disadvantaged kids in some of Hertfordshire’s’ more deprived areas, as a replacement for what they would normally receive during school time.

This is in support of the Street Games’ ‘Fit and Fed’ programme, recently attended by Prince Harry in the Newham area of London. Research indicates that 60% of families with an annual income of £25,000 can’t always afford food during the holidays.

Children become isolated because there is no free activity programmes on offer, and without school meals a child’s development can be set back by up to six weeks during the long summer holidays.

Hertfordshire Footballing Futures, a local community interest group, will deliver the programme in conjunction with Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, having successfully piloted the project in the Hatfield area.

*Photographs are of a recent pilot session with children from a range of socio-economic backgrounds.