After helping secure a Silver medal at the Indoor Netball World Cup in 2014, I am working tirelessly with a dedicated bunch of girls and a supportive network to bring home the Gold Medal at this year’s Championship in New Zealand in August. We have four months of intense training to get ourselves ready for the big competition as well as raise the funds to get us to the main event. As Netball is not a professional sport, this tour is completely self -funded by all the participants and any help we can get it much appreciated. I am aiming to raise £4000 which will cover flights, accommodation, and physiotherapy whilst on tour, food and supplements during match days, match kit, competition fees and training costs. It is an athletes dream to compete at an international level, against the best players in the world, wearing the colours of their country with pride, knowing that all the hard work, dedication and sacrifice was worth it….. Please help me achieve my dream.

This is me signing out. I leave for NZ in 9 days and can honestly say the excitement has kicked in. I live, dream and breathe Indoor Wold Champs 2016.

Now I have finally achieved my minimum target I can start to enjoy the build up to World Champs. It has been difficult to enjoy the buzz surrounding the team whilst knowing there is still a huge bill to pay. However thanks to so many generous and supportive people I am there, I am on the home straight and I can really start to embrace the final part of the journey leading up to the Championships. It just so happens that Rio Olympics starts in 4days and it feels like we are part of that buzz, despite the fact Netball isn’t an Olympic sport it very much feels like we have the backing of the Nation.

The largest chunk of the money raised has come from donations through Podium Partners. Thanks to their support and allowing me to use them as a platform to fundraise, I managed to generate £1328.98. It was a great way to advertise what I was trying to achieve and were incredibly supportive and responsive. However the money came from you guys, my friends and family. Thank you for following my blogs, thank you for giving so generously and thank you for being my motivation to bring home a gold medal. I am going to NZ to get you the medal!! You are part of the team and if we win, we win together and you can all enjoy the glory. You are the best and I sincerely appreciate your love and support