I would like to compete in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, I am currently at college three days a week and I also have three part time jobs, when not at college or work I train, my family help out as much as possible but I need to compete at a very high level and due to my age I am not entitled to any help from the government. So every major event that I enter around the country me and my family have to raise the funds to compete, my last international was in Scotland last year with my 200 meter free style being height of this meeting, I was able to qualify for the finals as the second fastest British swimmer and for my next international I want to improve on this and work my way to getting more international events behind me.   I would be very proud to represent my country and help others into swimming who may have disabilities.

Louis Hines, who is currently studying Art and Design, has set himself out as one to watch in swimming for Tokyo 2020. Louis, 18, achieved three personal bests as he took part in events on an international stage in Glasgow for swimmers from across the globe, he managed to shave a huge 11.5 seconds off of his personal best in the 200m individual medley to qualify for the final and then took a second off that as he finished 21st overall.

Louis’ huge improvement has come too late for Rio 2016, however if he continues improving at the rate he showed recently then he will be well on his way to Tokyo 2020. Louis has had a passion for swimming since he was a young boy, at the age of 11 he was moved to a higher swimming group and that’s when he discovered his talent. “I’d always taken part in sports as a kid, swimming was just another sport for me that I enjoyed. It wasn’t until my swimming instructors told me that I was good that I really applied myself and I’ve loved it ever since!”

The support of family, friends and classmates has really helped Louis “It’s been quite overwhelming! I couldn’t wish for anything more, the event was similar to a Gala with added pressure so the support has really helped me.” Swimming isn’t Louis’ only passion, he is also a very talented illustrator and has developed these skills whilst studying on his Art and Design course. “I always loved drawing superheroes as a kid, I kept up the doodling and when it came to College I knew I wanted to study Art.”

Check out some of Louis latest work, his most recent creation is the ‘Silver Punch’ flipbook. You can check it out here

Louis is excited about the prospect of competing at Tokyo 2020. “I know if I work hard and continue my training I could be there – swimming is becoming more than just a hobby for me, I really enjoy it.” We wish Louis the best of luck with his training!

Since Louis application he has taken part in another international and where he collected his first medal at an international level when he took part in the GB final of the 200 meters freestyle final where he took gold, he has also completed his Level two diploma in art and design and is now taking a level 3 BETC in Art and annimation.