I am part of the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Men's team that won Gold at the European Championships last year. This win automatically qualified the team to compete in the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro in September 2016. I am currently training to secure my place in the team that will compete in Rio. 
The training required to be an elite athlete is intensive. In addition to this, I work full time, and have a young family. Whilst my employer is extremely supportive and flexible, there is only so much they can do to support my goals. If I am successful in retaining my position in the team, I am hoping to negotiate taking 5 months unpaid leave from work, in order to fully focus on training prior to Rio. I receive some funding towards training costs from UK Sport, but this does not cover the loss of income I would have from the unpaid leave, which contributes to the day-to-day costs of running a family home.

I am looking for funding to enable me to focus on achieving my dream of competing for my country at the Paralympics, without having to worry about keeping a roof over my family's heads. Any support is gratefully received.