Salto logoThe club strives to have as many young people from every background and ability taking part in Gymnastics Training and thereby improve their health, wellbeing and self-esteem. We are proud to say we have over 800 children come to the club each week. The funding is vital to SALTO’s long term future sustainability and will be devoted to coach education, mandatory DBS Checks, Child Safeguarding as well as a bursary to assist the deprived parents of elite gymnasts to train and compete through the provision of a bursary fund and of course the ongoing replacement of apparatus due to wear and tear. We thank you for your support

In the coming weeks and months we will use this blog to shine a light on our activities, events, coaches and most importantly the children, to show how every penny raised here and other means, is employed in furtherance of the goals set out. We are holding a couple of special events this week for Pre-school children - members and non-members to have the chance to have fun at the Gym and meet a special person that comes around at this time of year. Funds raised will be used to upgrade and replace the soft play apparatus and toys used by the prechool members and users of our weekly PlayGym sessions.