To raise money for training services, travel and competition expenses.

Training and competition costs for the year are very expensive. The annual cost can be around £8000. Travelling to training facilities and paying for membership and entries can be around £40-60 per week and this would be a lot more when travelling to competitions in Europe or around the country and then paying for accommodation, overnight stay and food. Your support would help me fund this travel and allow me compete internationally in quality races with the best runners in the world in my event.

I am so thrilled to say that I have qualified for the Olympics and  to top it off I also became British Champion but the journey doesn’t stop here. In fact, it is just getting started!

As an athlete grafting my way to the top, funding myself is tough and it is financially challenging giving my self the opportunities to produce my best performances. Your support would be so beneficial and help me with training camps, international competitions, nutritional support and supplements. The things above really make the difference and not having to worry about how I am going to fund these things will allow me to fully focus on my training and reach my full potential within my sport.