Telford Sailability logoOver the last 20 years there have been radical changes in attitudes and services available for people with learning and physical disabilities. People with disabilities are now accessing work and leisure activities and are living longer due to better health care and more opportunity to exercise. The founder members of Telford Sailability have, between them, many years experience of working with this group of people. It was through personal experience of sailing of two of these members, Paul and Celia Devey, which sparked the idea for Telford Sailability.

At the begining of May 2010 we took a group of 23 people with disabilities over three sessions to Bloxwich to sail the boats there. 19 of them loved it. A few days after these taster session we were at an event were the then Mayor of Telford, Karen Blundel, was there, she wanted to speak to our guys about the photo’s that were on display but all they wanted to talk about was the sailing sessions that they had been on. I said “We need to be able to do this in Telford”

We got £2,000 and that got us started. With a grant from the national lottery we were able to buy our first dinghy and the hoist and sling ( modelled by me somewhere on this site)

With continued fund raising and hard work we now have our own safety boat six Access dingies, a Stradavari 2.4 keel boat, and Miracle and Skipper sailing dingies and a pontoon which carries the hoist and enables more people to access our dinghies quicker and safer

Recently we had our last tractor stolen. This now means that our ageing volunteers now have to pull the pontoon and the dinghies from the locked compound down to the lake, and the to put them away afterwards. The money raised will replace that tractor and also help to increase the security so this one will be kept safe