Our club has no clubhouse, changing rooms, meeting spaces or any storage for its equipment. Our volunteers store the club's boats, paddles, buoyancy aids and safety equipment in the garages of a friendly business and bring them a 17mile round trip to every training session. This limits the number of boats our club can own, and the travelling means they quickly start to need repair. We get changed in the open car park whatever the weather (and we train on the river all year round)! The adults are used to it, but our younger members get cold more easily and should really have a bit of privacy!

This year we have secured a Sports England grant and local council planning permission to build a boat store in the park – building work will start in January 2018. This is brilliant news: it will allow our club to grow as more boats are bought, as well as increase the longevity of our equipment.

We have already planned extra youth sessions, classes aimed at young women athletes and are working with local schools at getting even more young people into this growing sport through the inter-schools competitions. We also want to develop training sessions for individuals with disability and other access requirements using a range of more stable K2 (double) boats – watersports can be great fun for everyone!

We have planned the boathouse building carefully and know that if we can connect water and electrical services to the building it will be able to also function as a clubhouse with meeting and changing rooms. This work involves digging a trench from the road and connecting the services from the main supply. Our grant money does not cover this essential work so we are trying to raise a further £25,000 to turn our boat store into a place where our club will truly flourish - able to extend training, develop talent and see dreams come true! With a clubhouse we would meet for land-based technical coaching when the weather and tide turned against us, hold information evenings and invite many more people in to learn about kayak racing.

Please support us with this quest to bring “Three River City” Truro its first riverside watersports clubhouse and donate to “Turn on the Lights at Truro Canoe Racing Club”!