Campaign Goal:

We are the first ever U16 Shropshire Handball County Team. Following the trials that attracted over 70 pupils from Shropshire, we have been selected to represent our county within the UK. There are 32 of us- 16 girls and 16 boys aged 13-15. We absolutely love the sport! All of us aspire to get bigger and better so one day we can represent England or GB squad. You might be wondering what the heck Handball actually is?

We have a massive opportunity to go for a summer camp at the end of August 2016. This is a 7 day sports trip with life-enriching adventures for memories that last a lifetime. This is also a time when our fairly new team will have a chance to gel! :)

The trip costs £250 per person and includes: accommodation, coach transport, food and drinks, participation in handball matches against other more experienced teams so we can learn from the best, use of amazing sports facilities: sport halls, open courts, athletic and handball pitches, gym etc., activities on the beach and cultural program such as sightseeing, disco….We believe that the camp with bring several benefits to the team…
It will not only directly improve our health through exercise, but it will reinforce staying active. We would rather be training than spending long hours online or in front of the TV.

Additionally, the camp will foster our independence. We will learn how to do things on our own and gain self-confidence and autonomy. Few of us do need to come out of our shells more! Our social skills will improve. We will learn about equal relations though bargaining over game rules and resolving instances where the rules may be ambiguous. We will gain more self-discipline so when we grow older we can confidently face challenges which seem too big to overcome. We believe that through handball we will learn about problem solving and perseverance to help us deal with the various challenges in life.

Plus, as a fairly new squad made of 16 boys and 16 girls from different backgrounds and cultures, it is important that we gel well as a team. We believe this will help us get better results on the pitch when playing competitive matches when representing Shropshire county within the UK.
Over the past few weeks we have done several activities to fund raise so we can help those team mates who cannot afford it. We did bake sale, smoothie challenge, car wash and on 14 August we will be bag packing at Tesco to raise more funds.
Please help us raise as much as we can so we can make our dream come true! Every pound counts! 

Thank you very much. Yours, U16 Handball County Squad :)