So the people at Move It wanted to create a new campaign advertsing their company and convention. To do this they ran a competition which over 200 applicants entered and somehow I managed to make the final 6 people they needed to represent them! The competition consisted of representing Move It and gaining exposure across all of their social media, being in a photoshoot for them and to spend a day having individual shots taken of you to use for your personal needs! How cool is that?! I spent 2 days in London and had the best time ever, it was such a professional atmosphere and I got to meet so many new kinds of peple there. Especially the crew it was just a nice and welcoming place to be. At first I was a little less confident walking in and meeting these people but they reassured me that it's not meant to be an intimidating place, like an audition, and that I was chosen because they thought I could represent their company along with other very talented individuals who were all professionals and had way more experience than me... But I did enjoy myself and it's a memory that I won't forget. They also said that they would provide me with a free ticket to Move It, but I guess they kind of had to do that since I'm representing them! This is a small step towards my goal of becoming a full time professional dancer and I'm starting to see more and more of a future for me and a place for me in the industry. Baby steps. But I still need more donations to complete my goal of £5000 by next year! Please share my page and donate if you can!