A year ago I took on my toughest challenge yet. A gruelling 100km on possibly the hottest day of the year in the hope of raising enough money to buy medals for all the Mini Mermaids that were going to go through our programme in the coming year. Siren was shouting very very loudly that day, telling me to stop as it really really hurt.... another voice was stronger though, my Mini Mermaid voice, the one who reminded me why I was doing it and that I was strong enough to finish. She told me that my head and my heart were strong and together they would push me to the end. And they did. I crossed my finish line, unbelievably proud of myself and what I had achieved. Every time i see a Mini Mermaids face when we hand out the medals, the pride and joy, the sweat and sometimes tears, it reminds me of that journey and the battle I had, but also the resilience, determination, belief and pride that I found. Without you we couldn't build the next generation of women who love, respect and value themselves. Women with goals and aspirations and a love of how movement makes them feel in their bodies and minds. Hannah x #thefinishlineisjustthebeginning #belief #resilience #wortheverytear #movement #mentalhealth