Swindon racer Elliot Pinson is looking to get his season back on track after breaking his leg in a freak accident. The 14-year-old was three meetings into his debut Motostar Moto3 season when he went into the back of a stationary bike at the start of a race at Oulton Park at the start of May, before his leg was ran over by another rider.Elliot in bed

Despite the lay-off from racing, Elliot’s dad Keith says the accident hasn’t knocked his son’s confidence.

“It was a start line incident so it was really bad luck. Another biker stalled, he hit that bike and then somebody ran over his leg,” he explained.

“He was taken to hospital by helicopter and they operated on him later that night to put some pins in his leg. “After three days, he came home, so he is getting better. He wants to get back out there and be racing again because he knew it wasn’t really his fault. “It hasn’t knocked his confidence because it was just one of those things. He wants to get back out racing.” While the injury was a stroke of bad luck, Pinson Snr thinks the timing could have been worse as the season takes a substantial break. In order to pay for repairs to his bike, a crowd funding page has been set up to help finance the work. “We were lucky because between the Oulton Park round and the next round, there is a big break of seven weeks,” added Pinson Snr. "We are going to miss that one anyway, but looking to get back for the one after that, which is two weeks later, so that will be nine weeks after it happened. “Although he was unlucky for it to happen, the timing of it isn’t too bad as he will only miss one round. “When he was in the hospital, he kept asking how his bike was because he was worried about the amount of damage and cost to it.“His bike was in quite a bad way. During the crash, the frame got snapped so there are quite a lot of repairs to do.”

If you would like to contribute to Elliots’s cause, you can do so here