Hello everyone, just to let you know how things are going, I returned from nationals at Sheffield which was a good week for me, I didn't get on the podium but that was ok. Since my International last year I have struggled to get near any of my PBs( PBs are your personal best times) so last week I swam three events in the English summer championships where I was able to smash PBs on all three events, one was by over six seconds which might not sound much but is a big leap back to where I need to be, the week prior I should have been at the British Nationals, this is an event where the top twenty five swimmers in the country for each event are invited along but unfortunately I had a family wedding (which was great to meet up with family I haven't seen in many years). I have a personal trainer now his name is Jack, since working with Jack I have noticed a change, all his strength and conditioning work is starting to pay off, I feel stronger and as Jack is a National swimmer as well as a PT he has been helping with my stroke technique which is why I had such a big improvement last week. As well as these extra land sessions with Jack and his technical swim sessions I have been out running a lot more which is improving my stamina, I have been invited to swim the Serpentine Mile next month as an elite para swimmer, I managed a bronze in this last year and hope to improve on this, I am looking forward to the new season which will have some new challenges for me. This week I received my results from West Herts College, I passed my level two UAL diploma in Art and design with an overall merit which made me and my family really proud, unfortunately West Herts will not allow me to do the level three as they believe my learning difficulties will make it too hard. But with every cloud comes a silver lining, I have been excepted by Oakland's college over in St Albans on a Art and Design Animation BTEC Level three course, until I pass my driving test this will mean nearly a two hour bus journey to get there, I do not see this as a problem merely another challenge. I will update you all again when we are in the new season. Regards Louis (scribed by Louis dad)