Question: What is a partner?
Answer: Anyone who works with us to maximise the effectiveness of the platform in reaching those most in need

Question: I am a National Governing Body of Sport (NGB)/County sports Partnership (CSP). Can I be a partner?
Answer: Yes. We work with "intermediaries" such as yourselves to get our message to the atheletes, clubs and community groups that most need funds

Question: What does the NGB/CSP get?
Answer: Each intermediary has a page on our site which advertises who they are and how they work for sport and physical activity. Additionally it will show all the Appeals relevant to them. For example "Shelayna" is featured under Athletics (NGB) and Get Berkshire Active (CSP) 

Question: Whats in it for the NGB/CSP?
Answer: You are helping to support sport and physical activity and benefiting from the surplus generated by our charity. So if you have been responsible for 20% of the value of all appeals on the Podium Partners platform in a given year, you will receive 20% of any surplus generated by the charity in that year.

Question: Why is this good for sport?
Answer: Every intermediary exist to support sport. If you can help access funding for sport enabling the projects to reach their full potential and benefit financially as an intermediary, thereby allowing you to spend that money on further supporting sport, surely that is a good idea all round!

Question: What do you need from me as an intermediary?
Answer: All we ask is that you help promote the platform to your own particular audience via your usual marketing channels. So in the case of "Shelayna" the CSP (Berkshire) would promote her appeal to the regional audience and the NGB (Athletics) would spread the word nationally.