Question: How do I market my appeal?
Answer: You need a plan, an appealing project, some great content and a lot of hard work! Its also a good idea to get some help too! I strongly recommend that you attend a sports funding webinar on our site to maximise your chances of success

Question: Do I need to be active on Social media?
Answer: It certainly helps! The quickest way to get your message across to a big audience is on social. If you cant personally then get someone to help you.

Question: What about other marketing channels?
Answer: You should not discount any channels that you have access to. Email, posters, press releases, radio broadcasts and so on. We can help you access local press and radio to promote your page.

Question: What about a Blog?
Answer: We strongly recommend keeping your supporters updated. a blog is a great way of doing this. You can set up your own blog posts here

Question: Tell me about your social media shout out facility?
Answer: Every appeal will benefit form this service. Here is how it works. Lets say your appeal is about football and you are based in  Shropshire. We can identify everyone in Shropshire talking about football on twitter and send them a link to your project. How brilliant is that?