Question: Who can start and appeal?
Answer: Any person or organisation as long as the project improves and educates those taking part in sport and physical activity. In practice this can be an athlete covering their training and competition costs  right through to a club needing new equipment or to improve premises.

Question: How do I start an an appeal?
Answer: Complete the application form and send it us. We will be in touch within a couple of days to tell you if you are eligible

Question: Why do you need referees?
Answer: We want to be able to give donors and supporters confidence that the projects we showcase on our platform are benefiting real people and organisations.

Question: How long can my appeal run for?
Answer: As long as you like!. In some cases its more effective to set a time limit (e.g. prior to an event) but in others it's more appropriate to be open ended (e.g. raising money for new equipment or facilities)

Question: Can I raise more than I asked for originally?
Answer: No. If your supporters have been donating towards a specific target then its only fair that once that target is reached funding stops. 

Question: Do I still get the funds even if I don't reach the target?
Answer: Yes. You get what you raise right upto and including your target.

Question: I am not a charity can I still get Gift Aid?
Answer: Yes. The appeals are run through Podium Partners who are a charity. We apply Gift Aid to donations which helps fund projects highlighted on our site.

Question: How and when will I receive my donations?
Answer: If your appeal is time limited we will send you all the donations and Gift Aid (less fees) within 3-4 weeks after the end of the appeal. If your appeal is open ended we can agree stage payments with you in advance. In both cases we will need your bank details.

Question: What does it cost?
Answer: It costs you nothing. There are no upfront costs. Here is what happens to a £10 donation

Donation 10.00
Gift Aid 2.50
Total 12.50
Stripe 0.12
Our Fees 0.62
Total 0.74
Net to appeal 11.76