Question: How can I support an appeal?
Answer: You can donate directly to the appeal, fundraise on behalf of an appeal or buy merchandise or attend an event which supports and appeal

Question: How do I find the appeal I am looking for?
Answer: If you don't have the unique address (URL), you can search by Sport, Region or Appeals and fundraisers

Question: How do I make a donation?
Answer: Easy, just click on the donate button and follow the instructions. Don't forget to check the Gift Aid box to maximise your donation, turning £100 into £125!

Question: What is Gift Aid?
Answer: Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charities (Podium Partners in this case) to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer.

  • What do I have to do? When you donate, you’ll be asked to confirm whether or not you are a UK taxpayer. Please note that Gift Aid can only be reclaimed on donations made by individuals who pay UK income or capital gains tax at a rate at least equal to the amount reclaimed on their donations in the current tax year. You should also satisfy yourself that you can say; 
    • I am donating my own money and the funds have not come from anyone else including family members or from an office or bucket collection 
    • The money I am donating is not the proceeds from sales of goods or services or the sale of tickets 
    • I have not received something in return for this donation such as an entry ticket to an event or a raffle ticket 
    • I am not donating directly to a family member (spouse/civil partner or linear relative of donor or spouse/civil partner) featured in an appeal
  •  Benefits to higher-rate taxpayers

    If you pay tax at the higher rate, you can reclaim tax relief on your gross donation at 20% (i.e. the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40% and the basic rate at 20%). We keep an accurate record of your donations to help you claim tax relief if you need to. 

Question: How do I fundraise on behalf of an appeal
Answer: Just click on the fundraise button of the appeal you want to support and follow the instructions. Alternatively you can start a fundraising page from the main appeals listing, or an existing fundraisers page.

Question: How effective will my donation be ?
Answer: Very. Here is what happened to a £10 donation  

Donation 10.00
Gift Aid 2.50
Total £12.50
Stripe 0.12
Our Fees 0.62
Total 0.74
Net to Appeal 11.76