Anyone can start an appeal. If your project educates, develops and improves those taking part through sport and physical activity you will mostly likely qualify. You could be an individual, or a club, community group or any organisation which supports them

Once you are happy your project fits the bill just complete the following application form. The information given will form the basis of your appeal including a description, the target amount, the time period and so on. Please fill the form in carefully and think about how you would like it to be perceived by potential donors.


On receipt of your application we will verify the details with the nominated referees. We do this because we want to give donors and fundraisers the peace of mind that they are supporting a verifiable cause. The referees are normally people who can corroborate the statements in the application form. In the case of an athlete it could be the coach and a representative of the NGB. For a club application it might be the treasurer and the chairman and so on. Generally we are looking for named individuals in positions of authority.


Assuming all is well we will send you a confirmation email and ask for any photos, Youtube/Vimeo clips which you would like to appear on your page as either a banner or as part the main content. It is really important to engage with supporters as much as possible and keep them updated on progress and show how their generosity has helped you along the wa,y so please send us regular updates so we can add them to your page and Blog


You have great story, a compelling  message which will draw people in, some video and images. Thats the easy part! You need to plan your marketing so that the maximum number of people get to see your page and donate. Firstl job is to attend or view our marketing webinars. You will learn how to maximise the potential of your appeal and your chances of success. We also recommend that you look at the FAQ section on marketing.


It costs nothing to start or run an appeal. There is no minimum amount raised either. You will always get what you have raised, plus Gift Aid and less fees. The fees are 1-1.2% for payment processors (depending upon the type of payment) and a small fee to cover the running costs of the Charity (5%).

So if someone donates £100 to your appeal, you will end up with at least £118 (depending upon Gift Aid and how they paid). That is at least a 20% better return than  through any other platform. You will get the money as soon as the last bit of Gift Aid has been received from HMRC (currently about 3-4 weeks)