Schools are encouraged by government to invest in diversity in terms of PE and school sport, in order to engage more children in sustainable activity.  But, we are up against a national mind-set .. so everyday images of roller skating should be put to one side.

Roller Speed Skating is a true athletic sport. Teachers have not seen it and would not know how it could be delivered in school .. safely.  We have all the answers.  We also have a course, Roller Skating for Teachers. 

Girls roller

The general impression is that speed skating is about 'ice' and anything else is just for fun.  Not so.  More people around the world race on wheels than on steel, by far.  Ice is expensive.  Roller offers value, whether purpose built or on the streets. The growth of Roller is sustainable.  The IOC recognise it, but we have been slow to embrace the inevitable.  In Britain it remains a minority sport.

Kids roller

We need to start young.  Kids love it .. and so we have developed a cost effective child friendly version. We call it MINI TRACK TEAM ROLLER SPEED. Team is very important.  Schools can prepare on their own playground.  They need minimum eight children to compete.  It takes 10-12 weeks to get a team together and race ready.  Racing between two or more teams takes place in a regular sports hall.  They race for points in four groups and finish with a whole team relay.  It is great fun. It is exciting to watch. They use budget priced roller-blades (expensive pro equipment is prohibited). They wear regular PE kit and cycle helmets.

This is where the CARROT comes in.  A fund to split between the top four schools in the Mini Team Roller Speed championships.

  • 1st: 10 pairs adj in-line skates and 10 pairs wrist guard 
  • 2nd: 6 pairs adj in-line skates and 6 wrist guards    
  • 3rd: 4 pairs adj in-line skates and 4 wrist guards    
  • 4th: 4 pairs adj in-line skates and 4 wrist guards    

For more information on how you or your school can get involved contact us here