Chris Samways My name is Chris Samways and I will be running the Richmond Marathon on the 17th September to raise money for the Fit and Fed Campaign.

The projects represents so much of what has inspired me to be a participant in sport, become a coach and a sports development professional, giving young people the opportunity to eat well and play sport while they are on school holidays.

People who know me will know how much I support being active and am keen to get people enjoying sport and physical activity, especially those who are less likely to experience the joy of sport for any number of reasons.

My aim, with your help, is to support this project to enable young people to enjoy sport and have a decent meal outside of school time, who otherwise aren’t able I was fortunate enough to not have to worry about such issues, but the thought that someone else couldn’t have the same opportunities to enjoy being active with other young people has inspired me to run this marathon.

However much you can donate would be a huge help to to this fantastic cause!! Chris Samways